The Musketeers Screencaps

This blog is dedicated to posting screencaps from the show The Musketeers BBC. All edits are made by this blog. And I hope you enjoy. ALL FOR ONE  &  ONE FOR ALL

Tamla Kari, DRAMA 2014.

Tamla Kari for DRAMA Issue7, by Andrew Hiles.

I admire and respect you, I love you

 "I want to be treated as an equal."

Aramis, you’re brave and honorable and kind. [x]

I may be cossetedbut I’m not a fool. [x]

You shine so brightly in my eyes, it puts every other woman in the shade[x]

Luke Pasqualino is such a gent! I didn’t know him beforehand. The first time I met him was that recall when I was sounding like an old man with a snotty face, so that was embarrassing! But he’s just a gent, he’s only 23, he’s so mature, he looked after me and he’s just a warm, lovely guy. I think he really shines in this. From being known for something like Skins, when he was quite young, now he’s really grown and he really holds his own in this. We’ve been given a second series so I’m excited to work again with him. Tamla Kari (Constance) for Company [x]

King Louis XIII and Queen Anne of France. x